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Wealth Management

No matter where you are on your financial journey, we provide excellent service and outstanding advice

Are you just starting out?

Balancing lifestyle desires, family obligations and financial commitments requires a long-term wealth management strategy. Let us help you start off right by structuring your spending, saving and retirement allocation to your unique objectives. Funds can never be set aside for retirement too early, but must be invested and managed with the right approach for your obligations and stage of life.

Are you in the middle of your life?

Advancing in career paths and financial opportunity can increase the ability to save for retirement. We seek solutions that can meet your required rate of return, while seeking the least amounts of volatility. As investors for the long term, Concept Group focuses on investment discipline with an eye to the total return. 

Are you getting close to retirement?

In conjunction with our tailored financial plans Concept Group will review your wealth management strategy alongside your retirement goals. We make sure LIF's and LIRA's, OAS and CPP (if applicable) are working together to provide a stable stream of income. We are also experts in dealing with defined contribution pension plans. We will make sure you're intelligently invested for your well deserved retirement years.

Are you considered a high net worth individual?

As accounts grow, so does the need for a more sophisticated offering. Concept Group works with a hand-picked Private Investment Counsel firm that shares our same core values to help you build wealth for yourself and future generations. Transparent and reduced fees are available to high net worth individuals, families, and business owners.

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