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Retirement Planning

We look at all the pieces of your life together

If I keep doing what I’m doing, where will I be 20 years down the road?

Most financial advisers can’t answer that question because their primary goal is to figure out how to invest your money. They don’t take the time they need at the start to look at all the different areas of your life and do a detailed analysis. But the initial fact-finding process is crucial. Should you be investing that money? Or should you be doing something else first, like paying down debt? Retirement planning requires detailed thought into a variety of areas that need financial expertise, such as lifestyle choices, estate planning, and wealth management. Your financial plans should be considered as a whole, not as a handful of strategies potentially in conflict.

We can answer your questions.

Concept Group has over 20 years of experience in working with people at different stages of life, with unique challenges and goals. We use our comprehensive and proprietary Wealth Navigation Process™, to map out achievements in each area of your retirement planning. We are also certified CFP® Professionals. The extra ways we provide service to you will also give you the confidence you need to move forward with us.

RetPlan - from Home

Wealth Navigation Process™️

Our proprietary Wealth Navigation Process™ focuses on
over-all life planning rather than addressing isolated financial issues.

Meeting #1


Our first meeting is designed to be an overview for both the client and the planner, where we discover if there is a comfortable fit for a viable long-term relationship.

Meeting #2

Fact Finding

The second step is to review your financial information, documents, and objectives to ensure we understand your current situation as well as your goals for the future.

Meeting #3

First Draft of Financial Plan

We will present a draft copy of your personal, comprehensive financial plan. The plan will help illustrate how to best achieve your goals and objectives. We will show you your net worth, cash flow, estate details, etc. in a clear, concise manner. This will provide you with a foundation for specific recommendations and an action plan.

Meeting #4

Action Plan

We will begin to put into action some recommendations from step #3. This could involve a variety of solutions from debt restructuring to organizing your assets into a proper allocation for your objectives.

Meeting #5

Estate Planning

We review and explain Estate Planning. The object is to structure your assets in a manner that corresponds with your wishes upon passing. We discuss items such as Wills, Powers of Attorney or Long Term Care. We will review any insurance needs to ensure they are addressed effectively in a manner consistent with your goals.

Meeting #6

Implementation of Estate Plan

We begin the implementation of an Estate Plan and put into action recommendations from meeting number five.

Meeting #7

Long-Term Action Plan

This meeting ties everything together with an action plan for the next three years and beyond. We complete a service agreement that articulates our plan to monitor & review your progress and we ask for your evaluation of our process.

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