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What’s Being Said

I have known Scott Gable since he was in kindergarten.  I have had the opportunity to watch him grow into a fine man who is honest, intelligent, kind and above all, trustworthy.


It is because of these traits that I placed all my financial affairs and my faith in him in the nineties.  It is a decision I have never regretted.  Scott has managed my portfolio well and I have seen growth that I don’t think would have been possible without his guidance, integrity and management.


Scott is always available to talk with his clients whether it be for financial advice or reassurance that even in down times things will get better.  I have always appreciated his ability to convey calm when the markets are going crazy and the average investor like myself is feeling a little lost.


I have been able to enjoy my retirement for over a decade because I invested my portfolio and trust in Scott and the staff at Concept Financial. I know in the coming years, I will continue to be extremely satisfied with their ability to ensure that my financial future is secure.

Juliet Bayston

Client Since 1999

I have been a client of Concept Financial since 2003. Since that time I have seen my savings grow steadily, despite the market fluctuations. There are no get-rich-quick fixes, but a clear path of safe, consistent investment in reliable companies. I’ve found Scott and all the staff to be thorough with explanations,  always available when I have a question, and respectful of my needs. At regular reviews I can see how careful they are to keep me informed and aware of what is happening in the financial community, and in particular with my own financial needs.   


This company is also an excellent member of our community, raising money for local charities, and helping to preserve our heritage by restoring a local landmark dwelling for their offices.


I have no hesitation in recommending Concept Financial to any potential client. 


Client Since 2003

We have been with Scott since the very beginning and consider ourselves fortunate. Throughout the years Scott and his team have been dependable and have always been there for our questions and concerns. My husband has been retired for a number of years and I retired in July 2018. We can now both enjoy our retirements with confidence thanks to Scott and his team.

Andree and Ian

Clients Since 2002

Working with Scott at Concept Group has given us a clear vision of what our financial situation looks like, as well as giving us a more accurate vision on retirement. Their Wealth Navigation Process helped us get things in order that previously had  been pushed to the back burner, or never thought about. Working with a Credit Union had been a positive experience, but we always felt like there was more we could be doing besides investing with no real game plan. Financial planning has taken on a new meaning for us, and with the help we have received, we now feel confident about what we have to do to make our goals a reality. The tailored short and long term action plan that was provided, was our favourite part of the process. It helped us from getting overwhelmed with the tasks at hand by being broken down into simple to follow instructions. We highly recommend Concept Group. They truly take the time to know their clients, understand what we want to achieve, and show us how to make it happen.

Rogers Sportsnet Broadcaster and Occupational Therapist
Clients Since 2015

We met Scott and his team through another couple who had achieved their dream and were able to share part of it with us. We realized we were starting to see our retirement horizon and our dream is to actually retire and have money to do so. So we took our plans to Scott and he has helped us to get on the right track. Ten years ago we would have told you we would probably work well past 65, maybe into our 70’s or 80’s. Now we have our retirement plans well in hand, money in the bank, and our debt is minimal. Scott has had us take notice of our spending habits and he has given us the educational tools to help achieve our goals. We look forward to our annual “checkup” meeting where we get to make sure we’ve done our “homework” and that we are still on the right track. Thank you Scott and everyone at Concept Group!

Brian McKay and Cynthia Hamilton

Clients Since 2012

In 2015, we engaged Concept Financial to provide advice and assistance in streamlining our financial matters and goals. We began the process with a good understanding of our current financial position, and existing products such as RESPs, TFSAs, RRSPs and real estate holdings, but no real clarity or concept of how these would impact our future position or whether we were doing enough to plan for our retirement. Scott changed that for us. Through their comprehensive multi-step process, they assembled a cohesive and easy to understand picture of where we were at and made suggestions as to what we needed to do in the short and long term to get to where we want to be. This process left no stone unturned, covering everything from household spending and insurance matters to investments and estate planning. Scott was very detail-oriented, always well prepared for our each meeting and very respectful of our time. We have already recommended Scott to friends, family members and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Real Estate Consultant and Securities Paralegal
Clients Since 2015

We have been dealing with Scott and his team since 1999. With his investment strategies and retirement planning assistance, we were able to retire substantially early in life. Our financial portfolio has continued to perform admirably since then.

Peter and Paris

Clients Since 1999

After a major career change, Scott helped me navigate the myriad of options I had before me and explained everything in terms I could understand. This was after they got to know me, my business and my goals. It really felt (and still feels) like they are friends helping me rather than simply a service provider looking out for the bottomline. I was apprehensive going in but quickly felt at ease with them when all the cards were on the table.

John B.

Client Since 2015

Thank you for all the work you have done for us… our retirement planning, your advice, and always being so available. We appreciate all that you and your team do, and have done for us!

Fire Captain at VFD, retired and School Administrator
Client Since 2006

We have been with Concept Group since 2011. They have given professional, friendly and knowledgeable advice.

What we really appreciate about Concept Group, is not only their professionalism but their personal approach to clients. They are not only approachable but also available. I always receive a call back right away or more often than not; I get put through immediately to Scott, who takes the time to answer my questions.

When we meet with them, we never feel rushed; they answer and explain all our questions in a straight forward, easy to comprehend manner.  At times the questions are not even relevant to investment, as they use a holistic approach to your financial wellbeing; whether it be investments, wills, income tax, estate organizing, representation agreements etc.  This comprehensive financial plan is not stagnant. Concept Group monitors, reviews, and re-evaluates plans and goals and makes ongoing recommendations as needed.

It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. They make you feel as though you are more than clients. They are interested in who you are, your family and your interests. In an era when so much is done on-line or in a very impersonal environment where you are treated like a number, we appreciate and look forward to our visits with Concept Group.

If you are looking to feel like you matter and someone is looking after your best interest, we highly recommend Concept Group Financial Planning Ltd.

Gail McIntosh and Dennis Wilson

Client Since 2011

We have been working with the Concept Group since 2009.  They helped us work towards our retirement and meet all our investment goals. Concept Group keeps us updated on all the financial changes in the market and are always available for advice and consultation. We are very satisfied with the service we receive from Scott and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Tom & Lori Foreman

Client Since 2009

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