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Life and Disability Insurance

Talking about death, loss or disability is never easy or fun, but it is essential


As your personal insurance advisor, we can help provide you with coverage including:

  • Life

  • Disability

  • Critical Illness

  • Long Term Care

Get Educated:

We believe that it is in people’s best interest to become educated about insurance and the role it plays in their financial plan. We find many people have not had their life insurance done properly or at all. Rather than expecting a sales pitch, when you talk to us about insurance we are most concerned with making sure you understand what insurance you need and WHY.


Life insurance vs. Mortgage Insurance

If you are thinking of mortgage insurance you NEED to educate yourself


Protecting your life insurance

Assuris is a not for profit organization that protects Canadian insurance policyholders. All life insurance companies authorized to do business in Canada are required by law to become members of Assuris.

Contact Us

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation

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Port Moody, BC V3H 2A7

Phone: (604) 939-2345

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