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We know that being in the professional sports industry means you face some distinct challenges.
We have the experience and understanding to tailor a financial planning strategy for your specific needs.


We Can Be Your Coach

By working with the team at Concept Group, you can have all of your financial affairs handled consistently with a big picture approach. We will communicate with the professionals in your life and make certain that everyone is working towards the same goals. We do this on your behalf so that you can focus on your demanding career. Allow us to simplify your life and help you get a handle on your situation. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Financial Planning

Concept Group has been building comprehensive financial plans for over two decades. Each financial plan utilizes different strategies depending on the client’s personal and financial situation. Our proprietary program, the Wealth Navigation Process™, allows Concept Group to re-create the client’s situation in a software model that allows changes when necessary to account for unexpected life events, changing family dynamics, and evolving needs and goals. We pay meticulous attention to detail, transparency, and a strict adherence to our ethics and ideals.

Wealth Management Services Philosophy

Concept Group’s wealth management goal is to help the sports professional achieve their financial goals without taking outsized risk, while keeping conflict of interest out of the equation. Using outside, top tier investment professionals, Concept Group can take an objective look at your investment situation. Concept Group provides independent financial advice and therefore works closely with hand-picked investment professionals to help you find a perfect match based on your objectives.


Tax planning is a dynamic field that demands attention to detail and forward thinking. Working with experienced US and Canadian tax accounts, Concept Group helps identify ways to maximize your tax strategy to ensure safe navigation of these muddy waters. Tax strategies can plan for your current situation all the way to your future estate planning needs. Whether you work exclusively in Canada, the US, or both, you need to know that the job is being done right.


Sports professionals work and live in different locations around the world. This makes it important to have a bank offering that is both versatile and accessible. Concept Group will connect you with banking professionals that can build a suite of personalized products based on your needs and geographic location. Concept Group can also help you manage these accounts, assisting with bill payment and cashflow monitoring.


While a professional sportscaster may not have the same physical risks as an athlete, both parties still face risk of disability and death. Concept Group will build an insurance plan within your overall financial plan, making sure it fits with your goals and objectives.

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